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Rapid Set® Concrete or Rapid Strength Concrete is a specialty concrete mix containing among other ingredients Rapid Set cement. Rapid Set concrete sets-up much faster than Portland Cement reaching compressive strengths in excess of 3000 PSI within two hours; compared to Portland Cement which may take up to 28 days to reach that same strength. This feature makes Rapid Set ideal for projects where fast concrete repairs are critical to allow for the opening of the repaired area to traffic or for the installation of floor coverings which may be applied in as little as 6 hours after concrete placement.

Some of the most common uses for Rapid Set are freeway and Highway repairs, replacement of roadway concrete panels, bus pads, airport runways and loading docks.

Not everyone can work with Rapid Set. Due to its fast setting time and unique handling characteristics, placing Rapid Set requires special equipment and a highly skilled crew. Velarde Concrete has the equipment, skills, and the experience of having placed thousands of cubic yards of Rapid Set on most freeways in Southern California. This experience enables us to remove and replace in excess of 200 cubic yards of Rapid Set and re-open traffic lanes in as little as 8 hours. Contact us to discuss whether Rapid Set is right for your next project.
Also known as Permeable Concrete, Pervious Concrete is a unique concrete mix that when placed and finished properly will allow storm water to percolate through its porous surface and seep into the ground below to help replenish ground water levels and reduce or eliminate storm water run-off.

Pervious Concrete is an ideal choice for use in hardscaping and paving projects where the use of a conventional drainage system is not practical. It may also be used where the collection of water is desired to channel rain water to tree roots and surrounding landscaping thus reducing the need for irrigation. Pervious Concrete is the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious as it meets EPA storm water regulations, and is among the Best Management Practices recommended by the EPA. In addition, the use of Pervious Concrete can help new buildings qualify for LEED Green Building Rating System credits. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation and estimate.
As a general engineering company we often tackle projects involving storm water issues such as slope repairs, drainage system installation/correction as well as the construction and installation of catch basins and culvert pipe.

Another service we provide is culvert pipe lining with the use of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe or Snap-Tite®. In a recent project for the Department of Transportation we were able to rehabilitate two badly corroded 60" diameter culvert pipes (CMP) that run underneath a busy two lane highway by lining them with Snap-Tite pipe. We also rebuilt the badly deteriorated head wall without cutting through the busy road minimizing costs and avoiding a major impact on traffic.
City curb and gutter, v-gutters, or decorative mow-curbs – Velarde Concrete is your solution!.
The possibilities are endless! Combining color, texture, and pattern we can create the perfect look for your project. Custom stamped concrete has many applications: your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkways, and any other floors take on the appearance of slate, cobblestone, brick or fieldstone. It is stronger, more durable, less expensive than conventional masonry and meets the same construction needs as regular concrete.

Velarde Concrete has successfully completed countless projects with stamped concrete in many combinations of patters, colors, and finishing techniques. These projects range from residential driveways and patios to center medians on City streets and hardscape areas on State Highways. We will work with your design or help you create a unique look for your project. Call us and schedule an appointment for your free consultation and estimate!
Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they drive up to your property, yet it is often overlooked when building or remodeling. The lack of a proper driveway takes away from the curb appeal. A decorative driveway will not only add to the curb appeal of your property but it will also add to its value.

Whether it's new construction or removal and replacement of your existing driveway or sidewalk Velarde Concrete is your best choice. Over the years we have completed hundreds of driveways in a variety of colors and finishes. Let us assist you in designing a driveway that is both attractive and functional .
The center piece of your back yard is your swimming pool; an attractive pool deck will accentuate that centerpiece. Besides looking good a pool deck also has to feel good and work well by having the proper surface texture and adequate drainage. Call upon our experience to help bring your vision to life.

Masonry is a craft not all can master; it takes many years of practice to learn the right techniques. Our masons have over 40 year's cumulative experience in custom masonry work; they take pride in their work and pay attention to the smallest details. It is this dedication that sets us apart from our competitors.

When it comes to retaining walls, we can build just about anything from a residential concrete block property wall to cast-in-place concrete retaining walls and sound walls.

Velarde Concrete is a full service construction company. We also offer Dump Truck, Bobcat, grading, and demolition service.

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